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SPITFIRE Formula Four Tablets Wheels 52mm 99a


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Spitfire is proud to introduce their newest shape to those who keep the underground lit with the Tablets Formula Four 99a Wheels. Formula Four Performance Urethane lasts longer, withstands more abuse and performs superior to all other wheels. Designed to combine all the desired properties of a performance wheel without sacrificing any one attribute at the expense of another. Manufactured using a 100% pure urethane compound, with higher rebound for faster speeds over rough and smooth surfaces with a hard durometer for a smoother, faster ride that won't mush out over time. Designed with an exclusive anti-stick compound that gives a fast/consistent, smooth slide all the way through. •Straight cut profile •Thinner riding surface •Unmatched flatspot resistance •Smooth anti-stick slide •High rebound compound •100% true performance urethane •Holds shape longer