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Everyone knows Nike Skateboarding pro Paul Rodriguez, AKA P-Rod, but few know his girlfriend, Rachel Metz. Well that may change now that P-Rod and Rachel made an interesting skateboarding related bet and have placed video footage on Youtube. Before P-Rod left for a recent Primitive Skateboarding trip to Canada, he made a friendly wager with Rachel that she could not learn to do a kickflip during the 12 days P-Rod was away.

The stakes? If Rachel won she would get an expensive purse from P-Rod. If she lost? She had to buy Paul $100 worth of Cuban cigars. Rachel was allowed to use any gear or decks in their house and was also allowed to utilize any resources or coaching she could acquire. Rachel started by grabbing a pair of Paul’s Nike SB kicks, his signature pro model, surprisingly the couple wear the same shoe size. Not sure if her feet are huge or P-Rod has abnormally small feet, but whatever.

Rachel got of to a fast start with the help of some Youtube videos and a neighborhood skate grom as a tutor. She learned to ollie relatively quickly and seemed like she would be successful in winning the bet. but at last it was not to be. While Rachel tried hard she never performed a successful kickflip before P-Rod returned from his 12 day trip. Checkout the video of Rachel trying her best to land a kickflip above, along with sporadic commentary from Paul.

When Rachel went to pay off her wager, Paul struck another deal with her, he would give her five more days to achieve her goal of landing a kickflip. If successful, Paul would call the bet even. Will Rachel be able to land a kickflip in 5 days? Will P-Rod get his Cuban cigars or will the couple end up square? We will monitor the results of this extended wager and keep you posted.