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On the latest Weekend Buzz from The Ride Channel, Mike Carroll and Jacob Rosenberg dropped by to talk about the infamous SF Library line from Modus, hardflips, trick names, Van Styles, Instagram, Jake’s career path and editing Second Hand Smoke after Mike Ternasky passed away, some advice for young filmers. Then in Part 2 of Weekend Buzz Mike and Jacob explain Mike’s four video parts in 3 years, the pressures of filming for Virtual Reality that eventually led to a full-blown fist fight between the two, why the Blind section ended up in Virtual Reality and the very beginnings of Girl Skateboards. In the part 3 finale of this episode of Weekend Buzz Mike Carroll and Jacob Rosenberg explain their relationship with Del and the Hieroglyphics, the Beastie Boys and skate soundtracks, Mike missing out on Mouse and Pretty Sweet, calling Ty Evans to get in Modus Operandi, the inspiration of Misled Youth, battling Lupus, Jake’s favorite clips, Carroll’s bachelor party and more! Check out all 3 parts of the latest Weekend Buzz and enjoy!