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There is a new episode of Vice Magazine’s Epicly Later’d running now on former Flip Skateboards Pro Ali Boulala. Ali Boulala, who is from Sweden, was one of the truly unique and enjoyable characters in skateboarding. He was known for pushing the envelope both on a skateboard and in life. Danger was a rush Boulala has flirted with his whole life. From a young shredder at his local shop in Sweden all the way until he gained sobriety a little over two years ago.

This episode of Epicly Later’d will tell the story of Ali Boulala from the time he picked up a skateboard as a kid in Sweden, through his drunken American rampage with the Piss Drunx which featured Ali Boulala, Aaron Pearcy, Jim Greco, Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, and Dustin Dollin. Even though he was a Flip pro he appeared in almost every Baker Skateboards video and several Baker ads. To that fateful day in Australia when a drunk driving motorcycle accident took the life of Flip pro Shane Cross and sent Ali Boulala into the hospital, coma, a long and painful rehabilitation, and then a two year jail sentence.

This episode will feature interviews with Flip’s Jeff Rowley, Wesc co-founder Greger Hagelin, Jerry Hsu, Jim Greco, Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, Dustin Dollin, Ali Boulala and more. It will tell the story of a talented young skateboarder who took the excessive lifestyle his talent provided to a dangerous and self-destructive end, and how he battled back from the brink of death to find sobriety and perspective on life, skateboarding, addiction, and tragedy. Sit back and enjoy part 2 of 4 in the Vice Magazine series Epicly Later’d Ali Boulala.