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Thrasher’s King of the Road is coming to Viceland! Late last summer, Toy Machine, Chocolate, and Birdhouse sent their teams out in vans to do tricks while chugging beers, make out with people (and possibly animals), and so on, all in the name of winning Thrasher’s annual King of the Road contest. This month, the highlights (and lowlights) from the trip will come to television by way of Viceland, Vice’s cable channel.

On the Birdhouse Skateboards team for King of the Road you have team riders Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Clive Dixon, Clint Walker, Mike Davis, and Ben Raybourn. With videographers Adam Mills and Ryan Lovell, photographer Chris Rooney, and team manager Jerome Case.

On the Toy Machine Skateboards team you have team riders Blake Carpenter, Billy Marks, Daniel Lutheran, Axel Cruysberghs, and Collin Provost. With videographers Ryan Lee and Jon Holland, photographer Joe Hammeke, and team manager Mike Sinclair.

For the Chocolate Skateboards team the roster includes team riders Raven Tershy, Justin Eldridge, Johnny Jones, Elijah Berle, and Stevie Perez. Chocolate will bring videographers Daniel Wheatley and Federico Vitetta, photographer Sam Muller, and team manager Sam Smyth.

Each team will have a special guest for the King of the Road trip on Viceland at various points including Jeremy Rogers for the Chocolate team, Heath Kirchart for the Birdhouse Skateboards team, and Forrest Edwards for the Toy Machine team. You can also expect a special appearance from Girl’s Rick Howard and others supporting their various affiliates competing in King of the Road. Viceland is a perfect match for Thrasher’s KOTR series.

The trailer above shows slams, a car wallie, fire, makeouts, and everyone’s favorite, or least favorite, malcontent Forrest Edwards. So you kind of know what to expect when you tune in to KOTR on Viceland. The series premieres on April 28 on Viceland.