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On the second episode of The Nine Club Podcast, Cliché Skateboards pro Joey Brezinski joins host and Chocolate Skateboards pro Chris Roberts to discuss his Inland Empire roots. He talks about hustling promo from companies and selling it at the Fontana skate park to make his rent and eat. Joey Brezinski was the first American to turn pro on Cliché Skateboards and the pair talk about how that came to pass. They also debate the best city to go to on a skate trip and the good and bad of traveling to China. Like horrible accommodations, sketchy restaurants, and the best massage parlor in the world.

Chico Brenes always seems to play a role in the most memorable times during the career of Joey Brezinski. Chico invited a young Joey Brezinski to Spain on a Chocolate trip, only problem was Chico didn’t think he would show up. Joey also talks about the perils of social media, his love affair with burritos and his pug named Pizza. Chris and Joey talk about the quirks of their respective furry friends.

Joey Brezinski is the owner of Andale bearings along with friend and fellow pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez. Joey talks about the financial pressures of owning a brand and how difficult it is to keep going and ensure orders are properly filled

Him and Chris breech the subject of what might be Joey Brezinski’s most famous accomplishment in skateboarding, the creation of Manny Mania. Chris brings up a time when he joined Joey and the Cliché Skateboards team for a demo trip throughout Europe and how much fun he had with them. All in all this was a great episode of The Nine Club Podcast featuring host Chris Roberts and his guest Joey Brezinski. Check it out on the Defy Boardshop blog page today.Look for a surprise appearance towards the end of the episode.