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The ongoing trend of high fashion brands and high fashion media co-opting skateboarding culture continues with Alex Olson directing a skateboarding video for Vogue Magazine. Vogue has long been a staple on the publicity side for the high fashion industry. This collaboration is not the first time Alex Olson, or other pro skaters, have been featured by high fashion brands in their seasonal fashion campaigns.

Both Dylan Reader and Ben Nordberg have been featured in ads and runways shows for DKNY, Burberry, H&M, and more. Filmmaker Aaron Rose called on the talents of pro skateboarders Austyn Gillette, Jerry Hsu, Josh Harmony, and some fashion models to produce a video for Nowness and French fashion mag L’Official Hommes titled New York LA LA LA back in 2014.

Alex Olson has long been an admirer of fine art, photography, and high fashion. High end French fashion house Louis Vuitton has partnered with Alex Olson in the past to produce video content for their website. It is no wonder why Vogue sought out Alex Olson to produce a skateboarding themed video called “Skate New York with the City’s Coolest Crew.”

Alex Olson and friends take to the streets of New York for sun, skate, and, yes, maybe a little hacky sack. The video from Vogue featuring Chris “Mango” Milic, Max Palmer, Hugo Boserup, Hjalte Halberg, TJ Robinson, Tyler Dingman, Andrew Wilson, Cyrus Bennett, Nolan Benfield, and Kohlton Ervin; with Paloma Elsesser, Camilla Deterre, Slick Woods, and more. Alex Olson was the director for this video and his artistic aesthetic is cemented all over this video.

Olson made his name growing up in L.A. as a pro for Lakai and Girl Skateboards, but has since left L.A. for New York City and now is a pro rider for Nike SB. Alex Olson has also started his own skateboard company called Call Me 917 and a street wear fashion line called Bianca Chandôn