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On the latest addition of The Nine Club Podcast, hosts Chris Roberts and Roger Bagley are joined by Visual Apparel founder Van Styles. Van Styles grew up in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles and was a sponsored am skateboarder for Val Surf and brands such as Status Skateboards. Chris, Roger, and Van Styles discuss his early years as a sponsored skateboarder and how he was kicked of Val Surf at the age of 14.

Van Styles was also kicked off of Status mid trip in Chicago and was forced to find his own way back to L.A. at the age of 19. From there Styles started teaching kids to skateboard during skate camps held at SkateLab in Simi Valley. That is were he was introduced to the adult entertainment world when the father of three the kids he was teaching was a producer of adult entertainment. Van Styles first adult job was as a producer on a film that featured pro skaters and was shot at SkateLab. Styles went on to become a noted director in the adult film industry.

A few years ago Van Styles began transitioning out of the adult entertainment world and into his new love of photography. He began just shooting random girls and girls he use to direct in the adult entertainment industry. This eventually led to collaborations with The Hundreds, Primitive, and JSLV. Eventually Josh Priebe of JSLV and Sk8Mafia convinced Styles to start his own brand, Visual Apparel. Styles teamed with one of the original partners in Primitive to start his brand.

Chris and Van Styles discuss his skateboarding footage that is floating around the internet and how he caught a case with the FAA over a photo shoot he conducted in a helicopter over Los Angeles. Van Styles is truly a talented artist who’s roots run deep in the history of the San Fernando Valley skateboarding scene.