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This week Chris Roberts welcomes Plan B Skateboards pro and Grizzly Grip owner Torey Pudwill to The Nine Club Podcast. Torey Pudwill has been in the skateboarding game since even before he was sponsored by Shorty’s at the age of 12. T-Puds is one of the young rippers who continued to build his career from a young age all the way to adulthood. He has been a pioneer for his generation in both skateboarding and behind the scenes as a business magnet.

Chris talks to Puds about his early days in skateboarding and how he looked up to Chad Muska. The skate scene out in Simi Valley was just burgeoning in those days as Torey Pudwill was making a name for himself skating SkateLab in SV. Torey explains how his career took a change when he decided to leave Shorty’s for DVS and Almost. The pair of veteran pros talk about the first time they met and different Valley skate spots where they two have dropped some serious hammers over the years.

Torey also discusses how he has been helping to develop the skateboarding line at Diamond Supply Footwear and how injuries have given him the time to intensify his efforts on the business side of the skateboarding industry. Torey Pudwill has been on the road visiting skate shops to ensure both Grizzly and Diamond Supply Footwear are available to as many skateboarders as possible. Puds has been building relationships with shop owners to improve the accessibility of products from Grizzly Griptape and Diamond Supply.

Chris and Torey also dive in to the history behind Grizzly Grip and what separates Grizzly from other griptape brands on the marketplace. Torey Pudwill and his partner Sean Apgar have big plans for their brand Grizzly and intend to continue their steady rise to the top of the skateboarding industry.

Check out the latest episode of The Nine Club Podcast with hosts Chris Roberts and Roger Bagley as they welcome Torey Pudwill for a great conversation.