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On the latest episode of the Nine Club Podcast, Louie Barletta joins host Chris Roberts to discuss his early days on Enjoi Skateboards. The pair also talk about Marc Johnson and the reasons he left Enjoi for Chocolate which included the stress of his role as brand manager for the company which is now the job of Louie Barletta. Louie tells Chris it is unfortunate that he has to cut friends like Jimmy Carlin and how you begin to view people in terms of economics instead of friends or teammates.

Louie and Chris also chop it up about the history of the San Jose skate scene and how Louie is one of the few pro skaters to have graduated from college. Louie Barletta was also a member of the Tilt Mode squad and reminisces about the more care free days when the crew was still putting out videos. Louie Barletta also tells Chris how he got banned from Ebay and the many ways he tried to get around being blocked due to his Ebay addiction.

Chris talks about Roger moving in with Lou Barletta for three months to edit the Oververt video. The pair transformed a room in Louie’s house for Roger to edit the video and live in. Many a Stella Artois were pounded during the editing process of Oververt. Louie and Roger kept a running tally on how many Stella’s were consumed and come to the conclusion that over 38 cases of Stella were killed during the three months, along with ten pounds of Red Vines.

Chris and Louie talk about the devastating achilles injuries they have suffered during their pro skating careers and how skateboarding has changed over the years of their long careers and how you must be driven and work hard if you want to last in this industry.