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On the latest episode of The Nine Club Podcast, Davis Torgerson joins hosts Chris Roberts and Roger Bagley to chop it up about his life in skateboarding. Torgerson grew up in the Land of Many Lakes, Minnesota. He now resides in Southern California and is an avid golfer. Sean Malto, Davis Torgerson, and Chris Roberts use to hit the links together back in the day and the group discusses that as well as Bagely’s former job as a ball shagger at a local driving range.

Davis Torgerson discuss growing up in Minnesota and ditching college to turn pro for Real Skateboards. Torgerson tells Chris about how Wes Kremer and Ishod Wair are the gnarliest skateboarders he has ever skated with. The trio also talk about traveling to Europe and the many bureaucratic issues pro skaters experience when traveling.

Torgerson explains how he missed out on the recent Street League event in Spain due to issues with his passport and what it feels like to skate in front of 10,000 people. When growing up Davis Torgerson and friends coined the term being “Rojo’d” which stems from a scene in the enjoi skateboards video “Bag of Suck.”

Torgerson keeps a book of suspect quotes and his favorite is “Do you guys suck them until they are soft” which contrary to how it sounds is a quote about eating Red Vines and not oral sex. The group also discusses the many broken bones Davis Torgerson has suffered over the years and how that has lead him into taking up filming other pro skaters, including an epic Guy Mariano line that was used in Pretty Sweet. Torgerson also talks about his role in the filming and editing of Naptime for Real Skateboards. The video was made to promote the Naptime series of decks released by Real Skateboards.

Check out The Nine Club Podcast featuring Davis Torgerson above.