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Winter X Games couldn’t come at a better time. It has been a miserable snow season in California, especially Southern California’s local mountains. The Winter X Games from Aspen, Colorado at least give us SoCal natives to live vicariously through the participating athletes. With the success of the X Games Real Skate competition, where pro skateboarders film parts out in the streets and then the fans vote to ultimately decide the winner, the Winter X Games bring us Real Snow.


Some of the top professional snowboarders filmed street parts that were judged by a panel of Winter X Games officials to decide on a winner. Those who submitted parts included Forest Bailey, Dan Brisse, Jaeger Bailey, Eiki Helgason, Louif Paradis, Dylan Thompson, Frank April, and Bode Merrill. Some unreal footage was submitted by all the participants I don’t know how the panel picked a winner with such great footage from all the boarders. But, somebody had to win, so the Winter X Games 2014 Real Snow winner is……Bode Merill. Check out Bode Merrill’s 2014 Winter X Games Real Snow winning footage and hope that we eventually get some heavy snow in Southern California so we can all head back up the mountain for some good runs.

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