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Volcom has announced the signing of Ryan Sheckler to their skateboarding team. Sheckler had originally been a member of the Volcom team when he exploded on the skateboarding scene as a gnarly hammer dropping kid. Sheckler’s career has taken many turns over the years, going from a beloved young shredder to a pre-teen idol complete with an MTV reality show. Over the years Sheckler has faced criticism about his alleged exploitation of skateboarding and quote “selling out” but no one can deny the unbelievable talent that Ryan Sheckler will add to the Volcom team.


Sheckler joins an already impressive team that includes Dennis Busenitz, Grant Taylor, David Gonzalez, Louie Lopez, Chris Pfanner, Chima Ferguson, Geoff Rowley, Alec Majerus, Ben Raemers, Collin Provost, Caswell Berry, Dustin Dollin, and more. It is exciting time at the Volcom HQ with the return of their longtime friend Ryan Sheckler. Check out the welcome back video Volcom has produced for Sheckler’s return and notice the announcement of a new video from their skateboarding team this year at the end. Congrats to both Volcom and Ryan Sheckler on there reuniting.

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