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Theotis Beasley is renowned for in the skateboarding community for being one of the most genuine and nicest individuals in the industry. This fact is well documented in the Epicly Later’d series on Theotis Beasley by Vice Magazine and Patrick O’Dell. The focus of part two, the conclusion of the two part series, Theotis talks about having to be careful riding around the city of Gardena, where he now lives, in his new Porsche SUV. It’s that contrasts of the friendly guy from a not so friendly neighborhood that makes him so endearing. It’s his character and polite nature that has helped Theotis Beasley rack up sponsors that include Nike SB, Baker Skateboards, Skullcandy, Spitfire, Thunder, Mountain Dew, Stance, Diamond Supply Co., Shake Junt, Bones Swiss, and more.

Also in part two, some of the people who know Theotis Beasley the best talk about his good nature and love of skateboarding. Andrew Reynolds, Beagle, Dustin Dollin, Terry Kennedy and Theo’s family discuss how he came up, the night at the Transworld Awards where Baker announced they had turned him pro, and how the notoriety and success hasn’t change the nicest kid in skateboarding, Belee Dat!!!! Sit back and enjoy part two of Epicly Later’d Theotis Beasley.

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