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In the latest episode of Weekend Buzz from The Ride Channel, Danny Way and Alfie Rawls sit down with Rob Brink and Lee Dupont to discuss Alfie’s time as an underwear model and the controversial ad he shot while doing it. How DC Shoes changed the way shoe companies compensated pro skaters, Vans huge comeback to be one of the monster shoe brands in skateboarding, and how much their shoes suck according to Danny Way.

They also discuss Alfie’s art work, how he got into skateboarding, and his new brand apparel Everybody Skates. Danny Way also discusses his many surgeries from skateboarding accidents and how he no longer gets put under for operations. There is some gnarly surgical footage so those with weak stomachs be ware.

Share a drink and a few laughs with Rob Brink and Lee Dupont as they interrogate your favorite pros like Danny Way and Alfie Rawls for their opinions on the latest skate industry news, gossip and high jinx.