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Vice Sports recently visited with a ton of pros and industry insiders at the Tampa Pro. In 2015, the Tampa Pro contest became an official stop on the Street League Skateboarding Pro tour. As a game changer for both trademarks of the skate culture, the union brought some interesting point of views. VICE Sports was there to capture this pivotal moment in skateboard history and heard from Brian Schaefer, Brian Atlas, Chris Cole, and many more about what it really meant for the two skate giants to finally come together.

It brings up the controversial and ever growing corporatization of the skateboarding industry. Is it healthy? Will it destroy skateboarding? Is it pushing out skater owned and operated brands from the marketplace? Vice Sports took some unofficial polling from the AMs, Pros, and skateboarding industry people to see what their views on this topic were.


There are benefits to companies like Nike and adidas joining the industry, but there are also plenty of detractions and undesired consequences as well. As vendors sell direct it is getting harder and harder for the local skate shop to survive.

Defy Boardshop has long been a supporter of skateboarding and organic skate culture. We stock the best brands in skateboarding, some of them are corporate owned like Nike SB and adidas skateboarding and some are skater owned and operated like Anti-Hero, Loser Machine, and Diamond Supply. We believe while there is a place for corporations, and they can help the sport grow, the true ethos of skateboarding culture will always be in the mom and pop local shop and the skater owned and operated company.

Check out Vice Sports and there informative video documenting the merger of these to skateboarding entities and where it will all lead. You can read and watch more videos on skateboarding at the Vice Sports website.