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On the first episode of Weekend Buzz for 2016 Baker Skateboards team riders Theotis Beasley and Tristan Funkhouser sit down to chop it up with Rob Brink and Lee Dupont. The Pair discuss getting put on Baker as young kids by “The Boss” Andrew Reynolds. They were both discovered in the same way, when Andrew to a liking to them while he was skating at their local skate park, Hawthorne in the case of Theotis Beasley and Northridge in the case of Tristan Funkhouser.

The group also talks about Tristan Funkhouser’s gnarly ender in the Transworld Skateboarding “Substance” video and how that was filmed. Rob discusses the last time Theotis Beasley was on the show and his recent appearance on Snoop Dogg’s web show. Theotis Beasley also talks about buying a Porsche SUV before he could even drive yet, paying a homie at the DMV $60 to bypass the written test, and how he failed his first attempt at the behind the wheel drivers test.


Theotis Beasley also tells the Weekend Buzz crew how he took a sketchy trip to the Popeye’s Chicken drive thru before he had his driver’s license and how he traded in his Porsche SUV for a Bentley. That’s boss brah. Theotis also chops it up about his solo Nike SB part that he is currently filming and all the antics in the Baker house when he was a kid, like the time he had to pee in the sink. If Theotis Beasley is on the show then you know there will be plenty of Mountain Dew around.

Share a drink and laughs with Rob Brink and Lee Dupont as they interrogate your favorite pros, like Theotis Beasley and Tristan Funkhouser, for their opinions on the latest skate industry news, gossip and high jinx. Enjoy part 1 of Weekend Buzz with Theotis Beasley and Tristan Funkhouser! Part 2 coming soon!