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Supra Footwear has long been a staple in the skateboarding industry. Chad Muska has been the face of Supra Footwear for nearly two decades. Last year, Muska and Supra were inspired by Mexico’s ancient temples and the culture that created them, Muska designed a custom sculpture to reflect the city’s rich, artistic history while also representing skateboarding and the streets. After a brief test ride in a local park with Spencer Hamilton and Supra Mexico’s skate team, the sculpture, titled “El Sol, La Luna, Y Más Allá” was brought to the the store where it will reside permanently.


Recently, the Berrics stopped by the Supra Los Angeles office for the latest episode of Los Angeles Pins. Chad Muska plays tour guide while giving some interesting insight into the origin of Supra’s aesthetic. He explains that Supra has always been about originality. Whether it be art, music, or fashion—everything that the riders are into is reflected in the brand. Dennis Martin, Supra’s brand manager, goes on to explain that Supra has always consisted of a diverse team of unique individuals—which is a big part of the brand’s identity. Muska closes the segment by reassuring everyone that Supra will always be rooted in skateboarding no matter what—which is good to hear considering how strong of a legacy it has built since its inception.

Check it out here on The Ride Channel website.