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Epicly Later’d has dedicated a second episode to Kevin Long, known as Spanky. Spanky has had a long career in skateboarding, even though he is still relatively young. From his days on City Stars with other young G’s P-Rod and Mikey Taylor to joining Baker, Emerica, and RVCA, Spanky was on top of his game. Until he wasn’t.

Spanky went through the same story so many other skaters have experienced ended up impacting his career. Too many parties, too many drugs, too much drinking, and not enough skateboarding. All that coupled with a gnarly burn injury, thanks to a night of drinking with Neckface, the loss of his mother, and his wife leaving him, lead Spanky to a dark and unproductive place.


Andrew Reynolds was left with no choice but to cut several longtime Baker team riders because of inactivity and not taking skateboarding seriously. Through the help of some close friends including former Baker and Emerica teammate Jerry Hsu, Spanky found his passion for skateboarding again. Epicly later’d has the story of how Spanky fell off and fought his way back on to Baker and Emerica. Check out Epicly Later’d Kevin “Spanky” Long Revisited.