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Riley Hawk was raised in idyllic Southern California by the most famous and wealthiest skateboarder who ever lived. It would have been easy to avoid Tony’s shadow and spend his days lounging in the sun. Not Riley, who’s become an accomplished pro skater in his own right (maybe even a better street skater than his dad?). Vice accompanied Riley Hawk on an unconventional errand as he dishes on his unconventional childhood and explains why he’s not the listless pothead many a media outlet has made him out to be.


Riley Hawk also discusses his decision to go his own direction when he left his father’s Birdhouse Skateboards to join Andrew Reynolds’ Baker Skateboards. He talks about the differences between skateboarding and other sports and how he didn’t know his dad was really famous until the video game Tony Hawk Pro Skater came out. He talks about the differences in style between him and his father as he takes Vice through the streets of Oceanside, California. Check out Vice’s ride along with Riley Hawk above, then come by Defy Boardshop to get a Riley Hawk Baker deck set up.

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