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P-Rod sat down with Atiba Jefferson to detail Paul’s fresh set up at the Berrics and some other topics in this short video clip. P-Rod talks about how he lost a game of S.K.A.T.E. to Atiba six or seven year ago and how he has promised to give Atiba $1,000 the next time he can pull off a win. FYI P-Rod has gone undefeated against Atiba in games of S.K.A.T.E. ever since that day. If you want to witness the miracle Atiba victory over P-Rod follow this link to Youtube.


The pair further discussed P-Rod’s set up in detail which featured a size 8.1 Primitive Shane O’Neil gold deck, P-Rod Venture hollow high trucks, Andale Bearings, and Spitfire Wheels ( P-Rod is not sponsored by Spitfire, he is currently without a wheel sponsor ). The long time friends talked about how Paul’s move to a wider board and trucks have helped him improve his flip tricks, as if you could improve on perfection in the first place.

So check out the “My Set Up” video with P-Rod and Atiba Jefferson at The Berrics and then head into Defy Boardshop today to get a new Primitive deck set up with some Venture trucks and Spitfire wheels just like Paul.