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Barely into his twenties, Nyjah Huston already packed what seems like a lifetime of achievement into a career that hardly spans a decade. The skills are undeniable but ultimately what it comes down to is that you don’t reach this level in skateboarding, or anything, unless your central motivation for continuing is simply that you love it. Just before the New Year hit Nike Skateboarding officially welcomed Nyjah Huston as the newest member of the Nike SB pro team.

Earlier in the month Nyjah Huston had posted an image of him skating in his South Orange County private skatepark with a huge Nike SB logo painted on one of the walls.

Following months of rumors, the announcement you knew was coming finally arrived: Nyjah Huston is on Nike SB. The brand began 2016 by making it official at 12 a.m. EST. There is no doubt that the power balance in skateboarding has once again swayed to Nike. With this year’s additions of both Guy Mariano and Nyjah Huston to its already impressive roster, Nike SB has solidified itself as the home of the best team in all of skateboarding. Can’t wait to see what Nike SB and Nyjah have planned for 2016.

Nyjah officially left DC and Asphalt Yacht Club on November 1. You can check out the welcome clip above and the Instagram image at Nyjah’s park below.