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Filming your next skate part just got a little easier in this episode of NKA Project from Network A. Nigel Alexander gives you step by step instructions on how to film yourself skateboarding using a cell phone. So grab your phone and hit the streets, its time the world sees what you’ve been working on.


Nigel Alexander shows you how to best capture your next trick, from varying angles, using just your cell phone and a mini tri-pod. Nigel Alexander is a renowned skateboarding videographer and photographer. He teamed with Paul Rodriguez to release 2005’s Forecast and 2009’s Proof featuring P-Rod and some of the best your skateboards from the city of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley including Mike Mo Capaldi, Torey Pudwill, Justin Schulte, and more.

Nigel Alexander owns his own Youtube channel, which is highly viewed and very profitable. The experienced filmer has worked for ESPN’s X-Games, and co-owns accessory company Markisa with Jason Wakuzawa and P-Rod. Nigel Alexander has worked with Rob Dyrdek and has left other projects to put his focus fully on his Youtube channel. Learn all the in and outs of filming skateboarding by watching his series the NKA Project on Network A. Maybe with Nigel’s instructional videos you can become a professional filmer too!