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We have just received a massive shipment of Obey gear at Defy Boardshop. Tees, raglans, hoodies, hats and more. The new Obey graphic tees are some of the best we have ever received. Come by the shop and pick up the latest offerings from artist Shepard Fairey’s iconic street wear brand Obey. Defy Boardshop is proud to stock only the best brands in skateboarding and street wear including Obey.

OBEY incorporates designs into their products that are commonly perceived as controversial or anti-establishment orientated. Many items have symbols that reflect communist styled propaganda which are laid against a backdrop of additional artwork that is generally associated with Capitalism, guildism and Secret society. This portrayal of diametric opposites (opposite extremes) creates a unique form of expression. The company also produces products that artistically depict political controversy, often by using provocative imagery that the media or society generally associates with it. Due to the designers incorporating so many controversial or contradictory topics into a single clothing print, those who look at them are often left to make completely undirected interpretations of the piece and its connotations.