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We have just received a massive amount of new wood from both Girl and Chocolate Skateboards. New team and pro models from Mike Mo Capaldi, Sean Malto, Corey Kennedy, Marc Johnson, Jerry Hsu, and many more. All sizes are available now, but supplies will not last. Come in and get a new Girl or Chocolate Skateboards deck set up to your liking.

The Girl Skateboard company was the inaugural brand of the company and was founded in 1993 after a selection of team riders from the World Industries distribution company decided to found their own brand—the main figures are Mike Carroll and Rick Howard.


In the year following the formation of Girl, the Chocolate brand was introduced, as the growth of Girl inspired the creation of another brand, with the recruitment of additional riders and personnel. The original team consisted of Keenan Milton, Chico Brenes, Daniel Castillo, Paulo Diaz, Richard Mulder, Shamil Randle, Gabriel Rodriguez, and Ben Sanchez.

In 2009, a 15-year anniversary advertisement was published in which a portrait of the team was depicted—the two riders who were not present at the photo shoot, Anthony Pappalardo and Jesus Fernandez, were represented by framed portrait photographs.

Defy Boardshop has long been a stockist of both Girl and Chocolate Skateboards. We strive to support skater owned and operated brands like Girl and Chocolate in hopes of keeping skateboarding’s core companies in business. We stock only the premium brands in both skateboarding and street wear. Come by Defy Boardshop today and swoop up a fresh new Girl or Chocolate deck.