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Mark Gonzales sits down with adidas Skateboarding at his art studio in New York City to discuss the evolution of the adidas’ court shoes, their involvement in skateboarding and his first Thrasher cover in them. He recalls wanting a shoe like the one he loved as a child. He recalls being in the garage of Alva Skateboards in 1984 when they showed him his first Thrasher cover.

Mark Gonzales is an O.G. of skateboarding and over the years his interests have reached far beyond the bounds of the industry he grew up in. Gonz is now an accomplished artist as well as owner of Krooked Skateboards and the veteran member of the adidas Skateboarding team. Over the years Mark Gonzales has put out tons of video parts, magazine ads and sequences, and has designed some of the more memorable skateboard graphics the industry has ever seen.


Mark Gonzales has appeared in music videos, movies, and is an avid writer of poetry. He was a pioneer of modern street skating and was named the most influential skateboarder of all time by Transworld Skateboarding in 2011. There is no doubt that Mark Gonzales has left his mark, and continues to do so, on skateboarding, fashion, art, and modern culture.

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