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Transworld Skateboarding has posted another episode of Skate Nerd featuring LRG Pros Tommy Sandoval and Carlos Ribeiro. The pair answer skateboarding trivia question on fellow LRG team rider Chico Brenes’ real first name, his Nicaragua shop name, and his FTC video part, Wes Kremer’s rap name, drawing the LRG giraffe, Miles Silvas Transworld cover trick, Mark Johnson’s Yeah Right part song, the PLA Boys, the Chocolate Skateboards roster, Ron Deily, Kenny Anderson’s Instagram handle, and more.

Both Tommy and Carlos had sick parts in the LRG 1947 video, but who will be crowned the LRG Skate Nerd champ? Check out the Skate Nerd LRG 1947 Edition and then come by Defy Boardshop to swoop the latest arrivals of joggers from Lifted Research Group. Don’t sleep and miss grabbing your size, these heaters will sell out fast. Don’t forget we are running our Defy Boardshop Holiday Sale this week! Spend $50 get $5 off, spend $100 get $15 off, spend $200 or more and get $40 off. This is a great opportunity to save big on all your last minute holiday shopping. Time is running out, Christmas is almost here!