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On the latest episode of the Ride Channel’s Free Lunch they sat down with Jordan Hoffart to discuss his new brewing company, Black Plague, and other stories such as the time Sierra Fellers almost knocked him out and the drunken story behind his Paul Hart tattoo. Jordan Hoffart also talks about how crazy it is to be skating with kids that are the same age as his 12 year old step-son. The story behind Jordan Hoffart and his roller coaster career is a compelling tale.


Jordan Hoffart lost almost all his sponsors. Not because he wasn’t doing what was asked of him, not because he was addicted to drugs. He lost his sponsors because of the turn the economy took and the fact the companies he rode for went under. That is the nightmare of every pro and why it is understandable when guys leave for huge corporate sponsors like Nike SB and adidas. Jordan Hoffart was doing odd jobs like building fences and what not, when the skate gods blessed him with some new sponsorships.

It is really awesome to see a good guy like Jordan Hoffart being able to make a living and start a brewing company. He was dealt a bad hand, but recovered like the champ and professional he is. Watch the Ride Channel’s Free Lunch with Jordan Hoffart then come by Defy Boardshop to pick up the latest gear from the best brands in skateboarding and street wear.