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On the latest episode of The Ride Channel’s Free Lunch former Birdhouse and Baker Pro Jeff Lenoce sits down to talk about his early career on Birdhouse Skateboards with epic pros like Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, and Mark Appleyard. Jeff Lenoce remembers trips where they ruined a couple rented Lincoln Continentals that Birdhouse ended up picking up the tab for. He talks about when he left Birdhouse for Andrew Reynolds new skateboard company, Baker and all the good times had there.

Jeff Lenoce discusses how stressful filming for Lakai’s Fully Flared was, he would just sit and watch Guy Mariano and Eric Koston skate because he was so shy and felt so much pressure to get footage. He also talks about his current post pro skateboarding life which includes going to college and working at Baker Boys Distribution. Enjoy the The Ride Channels “Free Lunch” with Jeff Lenoce.