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Nearly two years in the making and featuring an international cast of skaters ranging from street legends to transition destroyers to hyper-talented up-and-comers rolling and rallying across the planet, Volcom’s forthcoming feature film Holy Stokes! is shaping up to be the feel good hit of the summer.

Shot entirely in 4K ultra high-definition and directed by skate-film auteur Russell Houghten, Holy Stokes! marks the first full-length skate film from Veeco Productions since 2007’s “Let’s Live”. Shot in dozens of locations spanning every corner of the globe, Holy Smokes! builds on more than 20 years and 30 influential films from the world of Volcom Skateboarding.

Volcom dropped a trailer for Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening earlier today on Youtube. The new Volcom Skateboarding video was shot in multiple locations all over the world and will feature the entire Volcom team, including Dustin Dollin (who said this was one of two more parts he’ll put out), Dennis Busenitz, Grant Taylor, Ryan Sheckler, Kyle Walker, Chris Pfanner, Collin Provost, Louie Lopez and many more members of the Volcom Skateboarding Team.

Check out the epic two-minute trailer for Volcom’s Holy Smoke! above and then come by Defy Boardshop to pick up the latest offerings from Volcom. Defy Boardshop has been a proud stockist of Volcom since day one. We pride ourselves on offering the very best brands in skateboarding and street wear for you to choose from. Volcom has partnered with us to do many local events both at Corona skate parks and at the shop. Volcom is one of the companies that truly supports skaters and skateboarding.

Volcom’s Holy Smokes! drops on June 7th, 2016. Continue checking in with our blog for more previews and news on this epic video.