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One of skateboarding best veterans has made the leap from Lakai to Nike SB. Nike announced that Guy Mariano has been officially added to their pro roster last Friday. The announcement comes on the heels of wide speculation that Nike SB has been courting both Guy Mariano and Nyjah Huston. While it is rumored that Nyjah has signed a 8-year $40,000,000 deal with the Swoosh, check out our earlier blog about this, and he has been spotted skating in Nike SB kicks and gear, no official announcement has been issued on Nyjah’s status yet.

Further, Girl Skateboards announced on Friday via Instagram the departure of both Guy Mariano and Eric Koston from Girl and Fourstar, posting this picture of the two longtime Girl Skateboards pros with the caption “Thanks for the memories.” This most likely means both pros will be riding for Nike SB apparel as well. It is also rumored that Guy Mariano and Eric Koston will be forming their own Skateboard company now that they have left Girl. This comes on the heels of Lakai head designer and former Chocolate Skateboards pro Scott Johnston leaving Lakai for adidas and the rumor that Marc Johnson will be leaving Lakai for adidas Skateboarding. There are also rumors that Brandon Biebel will be leaving Girl and Lakai as well.


What does all this mean for Girl Skateboards and their many brands including Lakai and Fourstar? No one is quite sure, but they have suffered a slue of big name roster losses over the past few years including Mike Mo leaving Lakai for DC and Koston leaving Lakai for Nike SB. Smaller brands seem to be hurting financially and when Nike or adidas come calling on their team riders with their deep pockets how are pros supposed to say no? As much as Nike and adidas are both bad and good for skateboarding as a culture, they are nothing but good for pros and their personal financial stability. With stories of some brands sending their pros product to sell because they can’t afford to pay them, the stability of a lucrative monthly salary from Nike or adidas is impossible to say no to. Good Luck and congrats to Guy Mariano on his new sponsorship with Nike SB.

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