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Nick Tershay really has come a long way since he started Diamond Supply Co. while working at FTC in San Francisco. From moving to L.A. and Housing Diamond at Girl Skateboards, to his distribution deal with Empire, to epic collaborations with Nike SB and a host of other brands. Now Nicky Diamonds tackles the final frontier NYC. Diamond Supply recently opened their flagship store in New York City, quite an accomplishment for one of few skater owned and operated businesses still going strong. In the landscape of mergers & acquisitions and giant hedge funds buying up skateboarding businesses, Diamond Supply Co. has remained true to the game. Check out the footage from Diamond’s NYC store opening above and check out the brand new Diamond Supply Co. gear that has just arrived at Defy Boardshop. Defy has long been a stockist of Diamond Supply and many other skater owned brands. Come by the shop and get geared up in the latest offerings from Diamond while supplies last.