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In 2001, City Stars dropped its first and only full-length video, Street Cinema. The company had begun teasing the title in 1996, when it was still called Menace. So it was funny that it opened with a teaser for another video showcasing the Terror Squad, the younger arm of the team. The versions online omit the clip, but yeah, it was in there, and it was edited to this. If only I had the tape with me and my laptop had a VHS player built into it.

Anyway, the Terror Squad consisted of skaters like Paul Rodriguez, Mikey Taylor, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Justin Case, and Devine Calloway. Shortly after Street Cinema came out, the group splintered, with P-Rod going to Girl, Spanky to Baker, Mikey to the newly formed (and now-defunct) Seek, and so on, so the second City Stars video never came out.

Today, however, P-Rod uploaded this montage from filmer Heath Brinkley’s archives to YouTube.

“This was the start of the second ever City Stars video that was sadly never finished,” he says in the description.

In addition to clips from the Terror Squad kids, it’s got footage from Kareem Campbell, Joey Suriel, Lee Smith, and more. Also: Mikey with cornrows.

You can watch the video above.