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Vice’s Epicly Later’d series has begun another season telling the stories of pro skaters like Chima Ferguson. The first episode of this season featured Kevin “Spanky” Long documenting his rise, fall, and return to skateboarding. This episode of Epicly Later’d spent a week with Chima Ferguson his brother and his mates, learning about Chima’s early years down under. Then the action moved to the U.S. where Vice caught up with Chima Ferguson back in Los Angeles, where he lives with Dustin Dollin. They were working hard on the Vans video at the time of shooting. All and all Chima is a pretty regular dude, but far from average skateboarder.

Check out this episode of Epicly Later’d featuring Vans pro Chima Ferguson. Then come by Defy Boardshop and check out the latest offerings from Vans footwear and apparel.