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The homies at Crailtap, home of Girl Skateboards, Chocolate, Royal, Lakai, and more, bring us another episode of The Crail Couch. This episode features Chocolate Skateboards and LRG pro Chico Brenes. Chico Brenes grew up skating the EMB in San Francisco with Girl co-founder Mike Carroll and many of the early Girl and Chocolate riders. With his 12th video part having just dropped in LRG’s 1947 video, Chico Brenes sits down with the Crailtap crew to discuss his history on Chocolate and many other topics.

Is Chico Brenes older and wiser? Sure. Skinnier too. The Crailtap crew catches up with Chocolate OG Chico Brenes about Insta clips, Andy Roy, the secret to his success and double digit video parts.