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Montreal, Canada, has a downtown plaza that’s completely legal to skate. It’s also home to the concrete pipe at the Olympic Stadium, which a company with no ties to skateboarding paid to move when the expansion of a soccer stadium on the same grounds threatened its existence. And it’s nurtured generations of skaters who have created a thriving scene.

Nonetheless, American skate outlets have largely ignored Montreal for decades. That might be because the city is oppressively cold and covered in snow for about four months each year. Its population is also predominantly French-speaking, creating a potential language barrier for visitors. Whatever the case, save for the occasional feature or edit, it’s received minimal coverage for a city its size.

That’s beginning to change, though. Last summer, Brixton sent a crew including Brad Cromer, Brian Delatorre, Dolan Stearns, and Jordan Taylor north. They came back with this seven-minute edit, Hand Poked in Montreal, which Thrasher posted today. You can watch it above.