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Battle at the Berrics 9 is here. Paul Rodriguez stopped by The Berrics to break down who will and won’t be in Battle at The Berrics 9 with a little help from Mike Mo Capaldi.. Same rules. New blood. May God have mercy on your souls. No repeat participants for the first time in 9 events! Check out the video or just read the list below to see who will be participating in Battle at the Berrics 9.

Brandon Westgate, Daniel Lutheran, Stephen Lawyer, Youness Amrani, Aramis Hudson, Josh Matthews, Diego Najera, Dan Plunkett, Paul Hart, Bobby de Keyzer, Frankie Heck, Antonio Durao, Timmy Johnson, Zion Wright, Brian Peacock, Walker Ryan, Nick Matthews, Carlos Iqui, Denny Pham, Tiago Lemos, Michael Sommer, Chris Colbourn, Robbie Brockel, Dashawn Jordan, Mason Silva, Micky Papa, Jack Curtin, Blake Carpenter, Cody McEntire, Leo Romero, Alec Majerus, & Bobby Worrest.