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Throwback Thursday at Defy Boardshop- Underachievers

April 7, 2016 admin

In 1996, skateboarding was dominated by videos from California that were very spot oriented. Dan Wolfe’s Eastern Exposure Underacheivers (1996) was a breath of fresh air. Filmed in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., Underachievers showcased the spots and


Throwback Thursday Stevie Williams at Love Park

February 18, 2016 admin

With the city of Philadelphia tearing down and rebuilding Love Park we thought we would share some throwback footage of DGK Pros Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis skating the legendary Philly skate spot back in the day. Love Park was


City Stars Throwback Thursday

February 4, 2016 admin

In 2001, City Stars dropped its first and only full-length video, Street Cinema. The company had begun teasing the title in 1996, when it was still called Menace. So it was funny that it opened with a teaser for another


Dennis Busenitz Throwback Thursday

November 19, 2015 admin

For today’s Throwback Thursday video part we are heading back to 2011 for Dennis Busenitz part from the Real Skateboards video Since Day One. Dennis Busenitz is one of the best skateboarders in the industry. Known for dropping incredible parts


Paul Rodriguez Throwback Thursday

November 12, 2015 admin

For today’s Throwback Thursday clip we are taking you back to 2007 and an epic part from Paul Rodriguez in the Nike SB “Nothing But the Truth” video. This was the first video dropped by Nike SB and included epic


Stefan Janoski Throwback Thursday

November 5, 2015 admin

Today’s Throwback Thursday part is from Stefan Janoski in the 2003 Habitat Skateboards video Mosaic. Stefan Janoski is know for his ability to drop complete lines in videos and of course his amazing nollie half cab flips. While his video


Throwback Thursday Tommy Sandoval

October 29, 2015 admin

With Tommy Sandoval dropping a new part in the LRG 1947 video we thought we would take you back to 2008 and the Fallen Video “Ride the Sky” for Throwback Thursday. Check out his 2008 footage in “Ride the Sky”


Throwback Thursday Real Skateboards

October 8, 2015 admin

For today’s Throwback Thursday clip we take it back to 2011 when Real Skateboards dropped their “Since Day One” video. Today, we’ll honor the banging part dropped by Real Skateboards pro Dennis Busenitz. Check out this gnarly part from Busenitz


Defy Boardshop Throwback Thursday: Baker has a Deathwish

October 1, 2015 admin

This Throwback Thursday we take a look back to 2008 and the release of the Baker has a Deathwish video. The video was a collaboration between sister brands Baker Skateboards and Deathwish Skateboards. The Part we will be focusing on


Throwback Thursday Girl Skateboards

September 17, 2015 admin

It’s Throwback Thursday and we’re going back to 2003 when Girl Skateboards dropped Yeah Right! Yeah Right was epic and a perfect pick for Throwback Thursday. Remember the now classic scene where actor Owen Wilson was giving Eric Koston, Mike