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Winter X Games Real Snow 2014

January 29, 2014 admin

Winter X Games couldn’t come at a better time. It has been a miserable snow season in California, especially Southern California’s local mountains. The Winter X Games from Aspen, Colorado at least give us SoCal natives to live vicariously through

adidas Snowboarding Welcomes Jake Blauvelt

September 27, 2013 admin

“Welcome: Jake Blauvelt” from Adidas Snowboarding on Vimeo. Not to be outdone by Nike, adidas Snowboarding also dropped a big web release this week with their 15 minute portrait of their new franchise rider Jake Blauvelt. You got to hand


Nike Snowboarding Never Not Trailer

September 9, 2013 admin

If you’re bored today and are longing for snowboarding season, we suggest you open up a brew or a bottle and peep to Nike Snowboarding’s new teaser for Never Not. The first teaser features Nike Snowboarding team members Gigi Ruf,