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Zero Skateboards Cold War Premier

11/14/2013 admin

Last week Zero Skateboards premiered their 7th skate video “Cold War.” Thrasher Magazine and Jimmy Arrighi were on hand at San Diego’s La Paloma Theater for the premier. Arrighi interviewed the attendees including Tommy Sandoval, Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole, Louie

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Threat Skateboards Introduces Garrett Hill

10/18/2013 admin

Threat Skateboards has introduced Garrett Hill as their newest pro with a video edit of epic spills, including Garrett dumping 4 cups of hot coffee all over himself when his wheel hits debris and stops his board. Hill said Jamie

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Weekend Buzz with Tommy Sandoval and Nick Boserio

09/20/2013 admin

On the latest addition of the Ride Channel’s Weekend Buzz, Erica Yary and Robert Brink pop bottles and chat with Tommy Sandoval and Nick Boserio about filming for Zero Skateboards’ upcoming video Cold War, straight pubes, skating naked, painting your

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