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Koston 3 from Nike SB

February 29, 2016 admin

Eric Koston has a long history of pushing skate footwear forward. His debut signature model with éS, from 1997, boasted what the company says was the first air pocket ever seen on a skate shoe. He released six more models


Jeff Lenoce Free Lunch

February 26, 2016 admin

On the latest episode of The Ride Channel’s Free Lunch former Birdhouse and Baker Pro Jeff Lenoce sits down to talk about his early career on Birdhouse Skateboards with epic pros like Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, and Mark Appleyard. Jeff


Louie Barletta on the Crail Couch

January 6, 2016 admin

Louie Barletta recently joined our friends at Crailtap, home to Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, Fourstar, and Lakai, to discuss what it’s like to be the boss at enjoi Skateboards. He also talks about how Marc Johnson broke the news to


Guy Mariano Officially on Nike SB

November 23, 2015 admin

One of skateboarding best veterans has made the leap from Lakai to Nike SB. Nike announced that Guy Mariano has been officially added to their pro roster last Friday. The announcement comes on the heels of wide speculation that Nike


Chico Brenes on the Crail Couch

November 4, 2015 admin

The homies at Crailtap, home of Girl Skateboards, Chocolate, Royal, Lakai, and more, bring us another episode of The Crail Couch. This episode features Chocolate Skateboards and LRG pro Chico Brenes. Chico Brenes grew up skating the EMB in San


Crail Couch with Riley Hawk

October 15, 2015 admin

Our friends at Crailtap have dropped a new episode of Crail Couch featuring Lakai Pro Riley Hawk. Riley Hawk talks about traveling with Stevie Williams, the origin of the Shep Dawgs and growing up with Tony Hawk as a father.Watch


Crail Camera Crew X GLX Photo Show

October 7, 2015 admin

Our friends from Crailtap recently sponsored an art show from the Crail Camera Crew that showcased the photography of the filmers and art department at Girl Skateboards. The brand’s first purely photographic show, Crail Camera Crew features work from regular


Riley Hawk is now Pro on Baker Skateboards

December 18, 2013 admin

There is now a second professional skateboarder in the Hawk household. Legendary pro skateboarder Tony Hawk’s son Riley Hawk is now officially pro for Baker Skateboards. The Ride Channel, owned by Riley’s father, documented the announcement at Riley’s birthday party.

Lakai YIR

Lakai Year in Review Video

December 2, 2013 admin

It’s the giving season and Lakai has blessed us with a special treat this season. The video is called Lakai YIR Die and is online now. It features some epic footage from Lakai team riders Stevie Perez, Riley Hawk, Miles

Lakai in London

October 9, 2013 admin

The Crailtap homies have released a new edit from Lakai’s trip to London, England. What better footage to watch on a overcast Southern California day than Nick Jensen, Danny Brady, Jesus Fernandez, Sebo Walker, and more pushing around and shredding

Ty Evans for Brain Farm Skateboarding

October 3, 2013 admin

Ty Evans, filmer and director for Lakai, Girl Skateboards, and Chocolate Skateboards, has released a new edit for Brain Farm Skateboarding using their Flex 4K camera. Check out Evans video featuring Eddie Mighty Moreno, Brad McClain, Oscar Meza, Al Partanen,

Lakai Presents French Flare

August 7, 2013 admin

Lakai French Flare Tour from LAKAI LIMITED FOOTWEAR on Vimeo. Today Lakai released footage from their European team featuring Jesus Fernandez. The footage was shot at skate spots around France on Lakai’s French Flare Tour. Check out the sick new

Riley Hawk Lakai X Baker Skateboards Griffin Collab

July 25, 2013 admin

Lakai and Baker Skateboards have teamed up to release new footage from their dual team rider, Riley Hawk. They do so in honor of their upcoming collaboration Griffin shoe. Check out the junior Hawk drop hammers in this extended edit

Stevie Perez for Lakai

May 9, 2013 admin

Lakai footwear has released some new footage from new Chocolate Skateboards pro Stevie Perez to publicize their new Camby shoe. Check out one of the Valley’s finest as he rips some spots for Lakai. Defy Boardshop stocks only the best