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Guy Mariano Officially on Nike SB

11/23/2015 admin

One of skateboarding best veterans has made the leap from Lakai to Nike SB. Nike announced that Guy Mariano has been officially added to their pro roster last Friday. The announcement comes on the heels of wide speculation that Nike

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Chico Brenes on the Crail Couch

11/04/2015 admin

The homies at Crailtap, home of Girl Skateboards, Chocolate, Royal, Lakai, and more, bring us another episode of The Crail Couch. This episode features Chocolate Skateboards and LRG pro Chico Brenes. Chico Brenes grew up skating the EMB in San

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Crail Camera Crew X GLX Photo Show

10/07/2015 admin

Our friends from Crailtap recently sponsored an art show from the Crail Camera Crew that showcased the photography of the filmers and art department at Girl Skateboards. The brand’s first purely photographic show, Crail Camera Crew features work from regular

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Throwback Thursday Girl Skateboards

09/17/2015 admin

It’s Throwback Thursday and we’re going back to 2003 when Girl Skateboards dropped Yeah Right! Yeah Right was epic and a perfect pick for Throwback Thursday. Remember the now classic scene where actor Owen Wilson was giving Eric Koston, Mike

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Girl & Chocolate Pretty Sweet Tour Part 2

10/17/2013 admin

In part 2 of Thrasher Magazine X Chocolate Skateboards X Girl Skateboards Pretty Sweet Tour video the Chocolate and Girl crew hit demos, signings, and local spots in Washington D.C. and Raleigh, North Carolina. Teenage girls still swoon for Malto

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Crailtap Chunk of China with Justin Eldridge

10/03/2013 admin

Our friends at Crailtap have released a new edit featuring Chocolate Skateboards team rider, Justin Eldridge. The footage was taken during a Chocolate and Girl Skateboards trip to China. Justin drops some pretty good lines and tricks while making friends

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Girl & Chocolate Skateboards Vancouver Tour

09/06/2013 admin

Girl & Chocolate Demo – Metro Vancouver 2013 from Concrete Skateboarding on Vimeo. Our friends at Girl and Chocolate recently paid a visit to Vancouver, Canada to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Girl Skateboards and get some filming, demos,and signings

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Brian Anderson Talks About Project B.A. his New Nike SB Pro Shoe

08/19/2013 admin

Brian Anderson has been making big moves lately. The veteran skateboarding pro recently left Girl Skateboards to start his own skateboard company 3D. Anderson has teamed up with longtime friend and fellow Nike SB team rider Brad Staba and Big

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Crailtap’s Slice of Life with Rick McCrank

06/11/2013 admin

Our friends at Crailtap paid a visit to Girl Skateboards team rider Rick McCranks hometown of Vancouver B.C. Come explore the “Great White North” and get weird with Rick McCrank and the Crailtap crew. Defy Boardshop stocks only the best

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Trunk Boyz in Puerto Rico

05/23/2013 admin

The Girl & Chocolate Skateboards crew recently sent the Trunk Boyz, Elijah Berle, Raven Tershy, Stevie Perez, and Corey Kennedy to Puerto Rico to do some filming. Sean Malto and Rick McCrank went along for the trip, and Chico Brenes

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Chocolate Skateboards Announces Three New Pros

05/04/2013 admin

Today the homies at Chocolate Skateboards announced three new additions to their pro team, Elijah Berle, Raven Tershy, and Stevie Perez. The three “Trunk Boyz” members are coming off epic parts in the latest Girl & Chocolate Skateboards’ video “Pretty

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Sean Malto “One Man Demo”

04/19/2013 admin

So a couple of week’s ago, on April Fool’s Day, our homies at Girl Skateboards thought it would be hilarious to play a prank on Girl team rider Sean Malto. They told Malto he neede to do an online interview

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