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Davis Torgerson on the Nine Club Podcast

July 18, 2016 admin

On the latest episode of The Nine Club Podcast, Davis Torgerson joins hosts Chris Roberts and Roger Bagley to chop it up about his life in skateboarding. Torgerson grew up in the Land of Many Lakes, Minnesota. He now resides


Louie Barletta on the Nine Club Podcast

June 27, 2016 admin

On the latest episode of the Nine Club Podcast, Louie Barletta joins host Chris Roberts to discuss his early days on Enjoi Skateboards. The pair also talk about Marc Johnson and the reasons he left Enjoi for Chocolate which included


Louie Barletta on the Crail Couch

January 6, 2016 admin

Louie Barletta recently joined our friends at Crailtap, home to Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, Fourstar, and Lakai, to discuss what it’s like to be the boss at enjoi Skateboards. He also talks about how Marc Johnson broke the news to


Enjoi Skateboards 15 Year Anniversary

December 17, 2015 admin

Recently Enjoi Skateboards celebrated their 15 years of being a company. Fifteen years is a long time, and it’s even longer in skateboarding. To put it into perspective, the A-Team, the brand that was a sort of precursor to Enjoi


Thrasher Magazine King of the Road 2013 Part 1

January 15, 2014 admin

Thrasher Magazine held their annual King of the Road contest again in 2013. This time the team were from skateboard companies including Chocolate, REAL, Enjoi, and Birdhouse. In episode 1 of the KOTR webseries from Thrasher Magazine the Enjoi team,

Official Rosters for Thrasher’s 2013 King of the Road

September 4, 2013 admin

Thrasher Magazine and Vans have announced the official team rosters for this year’s King of the Road contest. For Birdhouse Skateboards you have Aaron “Jaws Homoki, Ben Raybourn, Clint Walker, Clive Dixon, and Mike Davis. Next is Real Skateboards who

Thrasher Announces Teams for 2013 King of the Road

August 29, 2013 admin

Thrasher Magazine has announced the teams for the upcoming 2013 King of the Road (KOTR) series. Thrasher’s The Phelper took to youtube to announce the participants in this years contest. The participants will be deck companies this time around and