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Brandon Westgate Bump & Barrel Jump at the Berrics

February 27, 2016 admin

It’s amazing how sometimes in skateboarding contests can be such a great time, there’s laughs, there’s free food and drinks, and the competition is gnarly, producing great slams and tricks worth showcasing. We can only wonder why sometimes it doesn’t


The 10 Biggest Moves in Skateboarding of 2015

December 31, 2015 admin

A wise man (possibly in Thrasher’s Mail Drop column) once said something to the effect of, “ Skateboarding is like a soap opera: If you miss one day, you don’t know what’s going on.” Never has that declaration rung truer


New Element Decks at Defy Boardshop!

September 24, 2015 admin

We have just received a shipment of new decks from Element Skateboards. Team models and pro models from Nyjah Huston, Brandon Westgate, and more. Stop by Defy Boardshop and get a new Element deck set-up before your size is gone!

Element Skateboards Turns Julian Davidson Pro

September 9, 2013 admin

Element Skateboards has added a new rider to their pro team. This time they draw from the ranks of their AM team and promote Julian Davidson to pro. Davidson is noted for his hard work and friendly demeanor, and has

Boo Knows DGK

August 20, 2013 admin

DGK – BOO KNOWS DGK from KAYOTV on Vimeo. Boo Johnson has made a switch in board sponsors. After being on Element Skateboards Boo has officially made the jump to DGK Skateboards. Judging from the video of his welcome party

Element Skateboards “Life’s a Ditch” Mark Appleyard

July 25, 2013 admin

In earlier posts we brought you Mark Appleyard’s full-length solo part, “Soul Rebel” from Element Skateboards. Now Element has released some behind the scenes footage from the filming of Appleyard’s part and the photo shoot for the cover of The

Element Skateboards “Make it Count Tour” Baton Rouge

July 11, 2013 admin

Element Skateboards recently made another stop on their international “Make it Count Tour” in Baton Rouge, LA. Levi Brown and other members of the Element crew hit up a local skatepark in Baton Rouge to put on a multi age

Element Skateboards Mark Appleyard Soul Rebel

June 19, 2013 admin

“SOUL REBEL” THE MARK APPLEYARD VIDEO from Digital Skateboarding on Vimeo. As we informed you earlier this month, Element Skateboards has put out a solo full part from veteran pro, Mark Appleyard. Shot out in the streets Appleyard demonstrates the

Element Skateboards Mark Appleyard “Soul Rebel” Part

May 24, 2013 admin

Element Skateboards is dropping a full solo part from Mark Appleyard called “Soul Rebel” Check the teaser for Mark Appleyard’s upcoming Soul Rebel video part from Element. The full part drops June 15. Defy Boardshop stocks only the best brands

Glide, Slide and Escape from Element

April 25, 2013 admin

THOMAS CAMPBELL “GLIDE, SLIDE, AND ESCAPE” FOR ELEMENT from ELEMENT SKATEBOARDS on Vimeo. Element has released a short film, “Glide, Slide, and Escape” from Element advocate Thomas Campbell to celebrate the release of their joint “Bow Tie” capsule collection. The

Weekend Buzz with Boo Johnson & Keelan Dadd

April 12, 2013 admin

On this week’s episode of the Ride Channel’s Weekend Buzz, hosts Erica Yary and Robert Brink chop it up with Keelan Dadd and Boo Johnson. The quartet discusses poppin’ bottles, posting “cheeks” on Instagram, Keelan being the god of switch