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Thrasher Magazine X Diamond Supply Co Halloween Hellride 2013

October 31, 2013 admin

The Thrasher Magazine crew teamed up with our homies at Diamond Supply Co. to put on there annual Halloween Hellride event at the Diamond Mine. This year’s invitee only contest was every bit as gnarly as you might expect. Check

Mike Mo Capaldi Talkin Mob

October 30, 2013 admin

Girl Skateboards and DC Shoes pro Mike Mo Capaldi talks about his weak board gripping skills and why he rides Mob Grip in the new edit from Mob. After a gripping demonstration with a kitchen knife, Mike Mo hits up

Dew Tour San Francisco 2013 Highlights

October 30, 2013 admin

In early October, the 2013 Dew Tour made its second stop in San Francisco for the City Championships. On the first day of the Dew Tour, Green Label’s Editor-in-Chief Brad Clarke was on hand to check out the skate events

Supra Footwear Welcomes Pat Rumney

October 30, 2013 admin

Supra has released a welcome video for their newest team rider Pat Rumney. Rumney discusses his childhood dream of moving to California in order to skate all the L.A. spots he would see in skate videos. Hollywood High, the rails

Girl & Chocolate Pretty Sweet Tour Part 3

October 29, 2013 admin

In part 3 of the Thrasher Magazine video documenting the Chocolate and Girl Skateboards Pretty Sweet Tour, the Girl and Chocolate crew hit Texas, New Orleans, and Atlanta for more signings, demos, and madness. Eric Koston, Mike Mo Capaldi, Sean

Trippin’ Tuesday

October 29, 2013 admin

Good morning, today is Trippin Tuesdays! That means big savings at Defy Boardshop for you! Today ONLY, buy any tee in the store get the second tee 50% off. Offer is valid on sale items. Stop by and mention “Trippin’

Thrasher Magazine X Jordan Hoffart Full Part

October 28, 2013 admin

After a bad stretch with his sponsors going out of business or eliminating their skateboarding teams, Jordan Hoffart returns with a bang. He has hooked up with Thrasher Magazine to release a full part of epicly good footage titled “Jordan’s

Frank 151: Nick Tershay the Golden Age of Skateboarding

October 25, 2013 admin

Diamond Supply Co. founder Nick Tershay hooked up with Frank 151 in NYC for an interview to discuss his influences, what the Diamond Life is, and the golden age of skateboarding. Nick also talks about how the success of Diamond

Tum Yeto Pocket Cam Video

October 24, 2013 admin

Tum Yeto, home of brands like Toy Machine Skateboards, Foundation Skateboards, Pig Wheels, and Dekline has released a new footage which features A few behind the scenes clips of Collin Provost from MADE in Emerica as well as Dakota Servold,

adidas Skateboarding Welcomes Dennis Durrant

October 23, 2013 admin

adidas Skateboarding continues to add depth to its already impressive roster of pro skateboarders with the addition of Dennis Durrant to their international team. In honor of this new addition adidas skateboarding has released a new welcome video featuring Durrant