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Sean Malto “One Man Demo”

April 19, 2013 admin

So a couple of week’s ago, on April Fool’s Day, our homies at Girl Skateboards thought it would be hilarious to play a prank on Girl team rider Sean Malto. They told Malto he neede to do an online interview

Nixon Spring 2013 Look Book

April 18, 2013 admin

SPRING 2013 VIDEO LOOKBOOK from NIXON Europe on Vimeo. Nixon Watches has released a look book for their Spring 2013 offerings featuring their team riders Tony Hawk, Torey Pudwill, Paul Rodriguez, and Danny Way. The look book highlights some of

Chris Roberts “The Set Up”

April 18, 2013 admin

Alli Sports caught up with Chocolate’s Chris Roberts to talk about the set up he rides. Check out the video of Chris taking you through his set up which includes a Chocolate deck, Autobahn wheels, Independent trucks, and Bones bearings.

The Best Party at Coachella-Vestal Village

April 17, 2013 admin

While the masses endured the heat, sand and crowds at Coachella, dose spent the weekend at Vestal Village, Vestal Watches’ VIP-only bash for bikini babes, pro athletes and artists. If you didn’t make the trip, don’t worry, we’ve got the

A Weekend with Torey Pudwill Part 1

April 17, 2013 admin

Follow Torey Pudwill during a typical day in Southern California. In this episode, Torey heads to UC Irvine to catch up with a few filmers, some of the Plan B team, and Ryan Decenzo. Keep tuned to Network A for

Bobby Hundreds 21st Birthday

April 16, 2013 admin

Last week the crew at The Hundreds celebrated the “21st” birthday of co-founder Bobby Hundreds. The event was filled with fun, food, birthday wishes, and music from “Little Korean Girl.” Here is The Hundreds crew wish their boss and friend,

Trippin’ Tuesday

April 16, 2013 admin

Good morning everyone!! Todays Trippin Tuesday’s deal is 20% off ALL shorts, boardshorts, pants and denim! Don’t miss out on this amazing deal!!

Ryan Sheckler’s Road to Recovery

April 15, 2013 admin

ESPN documents Ryan Sheckler’s foot injury and his rehab processes preparing for the X-Games Brazil. Sheckler injured his foot on an a filming trip he was on with Eric Koston to Australia and China for Oakley. Ryan new he injured

HUF Joey Pepper Re-edit

April 15, 2013 admin

JOEY PEPPER RE-EDIT from Richard Quintero on Vimeo. HUF released a re-edit of some Joey Pepper footage from 2012 in honor of his new HUF pro model shoe. Defy Boardshop is proud to announce we will be caring HUF this

Weekend Buzz with Boo Johnson & Keelan Dadd

April 12, 2013 admin

On this week’s episode of the Ride Channel’s Weekend Buzz, hosts Erica Yary and Robert Brink chop it up with Keelan Dadd and Boo Johnson. The quartet discusses poppin’ bottles, posting “cheeks” on Instagram, Keelan being the god of switch